Fly Like A Pegasi

Put them here.

Wow. This guy is obviously the Dovahkhin. Riften Guard locally known by his tribal name of “No-Fucks-Given”. This guy knows how to ball. 
Terrible things happen when you cross boredom and a heavy rock door. The sound it makes is just… so… satisfying.
HOT DAMN! I love Odahviing! I almost never start a fight without calling him first!
It is done.
A grand total of 72 hours played and an infinite amount of guilt  over just how many times I prioritized Skyrim over say… studying? I find myself in an odd place having finished Skyrim’s main questline yet with so much more to do in the gorgeous world. (Alduin is a frilly little girl and should be treated as such)
So a walkthrough is pretty much written off, there’s too many of those on Youtube now anyways so I’ll probably just end up doing a Skyrim:Challenge Series based off my past posts.
And because I didn’t say it before Happy New Years everyone/pony!
I Regret Nothing.
Update? pssh, I’m answering my own questions here since there really is no purpose to this blog yet haha.
But update anyways, The Ultimate dragon Challenge and Others are going to be happening soon, expect live commentary! Just have to get hypercam working…
Pic related: It’s my posture nowadays from playing so much Skyrim.
So what is the vanilla dragon doing in the mean time? Nobody’s going to fight him. He was always a little… different. Here we see him chillin’ with his best and only friend Chicken. They don’t talk much. But they’re real swell pals!